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Eight-zone audio system from RTI

Remote Technologies Incorporated (RTI) is now shipping its AD-8 eight-zone distributed audio system.

Remote Technologies Incorporated (RTI) is shipping its AD-8 eight-zone distributed audio system. The AD-8 acts as an extension to RTI’s control systems, providing a cost-effective, highly adaptable solution for whole-house or facility-wide audio distribution.

“The AD-8 is the ultimate multiroom audio solution, providing a simple, low-cost way to distribute music from a number of audio sources throughout any residential or commercial installation,” said Pete Baker, vice president of sales and marketing for RTI. 

Containing both a matrix switching pre-amp and a built-in Cool Power class D amplifier, the AD-8 has eight local audio source inputs that can be further enhanced with remote audio sources. The distributed audio system provides 25W per channel, and can be paired with RTI’s new 16-channel CP-1650 audio amplifier for additional speaker output in large installations.

The unit provides the audio switching, amplification, and distribution functions, while RTI central processors and user interfaces manage the audio source control, user input, and status feedback. Information such as the selected source, volume level, and tone control settings are available for each zone; more advanced information such as song playlists, cover art, and tuner RDS data is also available through tight integration with RTI’s two-way enabled control products. 

A mute function can silence the music when the doorbell or phone system rings. To meet the needs of larger projects, RTI’s open architecture enables the control of multiple AD-8 units for additional zones. The AD-8 is suitable for rack-mount or free-standing installations. Remote sources can be added simply, using the RSP1 accessory wall plate and a single Cat5 cable.