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Educational trip to Brussels: InfoComm offers AV Ceritifcation prep course

Ideally suited to those who find they learn more efficiently in a classroom, InfoComm’s Certification Prep course provides instruction using exercises clarifying key concepts in InfoComm’s Essentials of the AV Industry online course. At the end of the three-day course, candidates take the CTS exam.

The course will be led by InfoComm instructors with years of industry experience, a thorough knowledge of InfoComm’s courses and certification exams, and many hours in the classroom training AV professionals.

For those new to the industry, InfoComm International’s Quick Start to the Audiovisual Industry provides a thorough introduction to roles in the AV industry and basic introduction to technology concepts. For those needing more repetition to aid learning who are using this course to prepare for the CTS exam, completion of InfoComm International’s Essentials of the AV Industry online prior to attending is another tool that will help reinforce classroom learning.

To register, or to find out more, visit: