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Echo Squad relies on Optoma for maximum immersion

When Gear Prod wanted to invent innovative underwater entertainment that gave gamers a real-life experience and feeling of driving a submarine through the deep, dark ocean, the biggest challenge was bringing under water gaming to life. To do this, the installation required a projection solution able to create an a immersive and believable experience while ensuring there was access for multiple-player modes to encourage interaction between players during the adventure.

Three portholes were to be created, giving players visibility to what would seem like the real world of Scylla. In Greek mythology, Scylla was a legendary monster that lived on one side of a channel of water. Echo Squad wanted to create an experience for gamers where they truly felt immersed in the game itself. The biggest challenge was making the experience feel as true to life as possible meaning, bright, reliable and colourful projectors with loud, clear audio was essential to making the overall experience a success.

Adrien Vert, Creative Director at Gear Prod stated: “We wanted to create a game that combined demanding teamplay and maximum immersion, while maintaining a good dose of fun.”

To create the illusion that the gamers were submerged within the real under water Scylla gaming experience, Gear Prod made a first attempt using conventional TV screens. However, the end result was far from realistic and there were many issues with reflection. A large image was required with true to life detail and fantastic colours that wouldn’t create any shadow effects.

Six Optoma Full HD ultra short throw EH330UST projectors were then selected to resolve the issues fronted by conventional TV screens. The Optoma EH330UST projectors boast 3600 lumens providing the visibility which is necessary for the players. Additionally, the projectors needed to be capable of filling three projection screens which were over four metres wide and two metres high. The ultra-short throw EH330UST successfully stepped up to the challenge here.

The projectors versatility, unlike a TV screen meant they could be installed in the hull of the submarine under each window projecting upwards. They are integrated into the set and are not visible to the players.

Echo Squad is the very first underwater adventure where gamers can be truly immersed in the environment of all the action. Vert stated: “The result is very impressive, it certainly gives off the feeling that you are in the cabin of a moving submarine.”

Gilles Raymond, CEO of Gear Prod stated: “Without the Optoma EH330UST projectors, the creation of a four-metre image without reflection issues wouldn’t be possible.”