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Earning a place in history: Proel products are specified for Syria’s Omayyad Mosque

Proel distributor, Technical Light and Sound Center, together with sister company SADA Pro Systems, were given the job of designing a sound reinforcement system capable of meeting the requirements of such a location without effecting the beautiful aesthetic of the mosque, which dates back to the 700s..

The products chosen for the installation have been taken from across the Proel sound reinformcement and installation catalogue, with the main central prayer area being reinforced by the TFLV and SPARK series of speakers.

“We chose the Proel speakers for many reasons,” explains Yaman Al Homsi from the SADA Installation department. “The excellent sound quality coupled with the attractive aesthetics allowed us to reach and to surpass the requirements of this historical installation.”

Steve Smith from the Proel export department had a chance to visit the mosque once the installation was complete. He comments: “This is a fantastic installation and we are very proud that our loudspeaker systems have been used to reinforce such an important location as the Omayyad Mosque.”

The first true test of the system was during the Ramadan period, when thousands of people flocked to the mosque to pray – an event covered by Syrian television and transmitted around the world.