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E/T/C supplies equipment for Paris arts centre preview event

The main video feature consisted of two of E/T/C Paris’s Christie 20K HD video projectors controlled via OnlyView 3, the latest version of E/T/C’s dynamic multimedia control platform. The set-up was used to project footage onto the 14m (H) x 20m (W) back wall.

Positioned on 5m high platforms approximately 30m away from the back wall, the projectors ran up to eight 20-second sequences which were stored as ‘shows’ on the two OnlyView servers. These were randomly triggered by guests walking into four pools of light further down the hall. The 1m square light pools were created by four tightly shuttered profile spots. Each one had a camera rigged above it, linked via MIDI running on a Mac Book Pro to the grandMA lighting console. In turn, this prompted the OnlyView running the video loops.

Among other features, La Traversee also incorporated several exterior video installations, for which E/T/C supplied assorted video equipment and plasma screens, including a Barco G5 projector.