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Dynacord/EV system for new Serbian sports hall

At the heart of the fit-out, the Promatrix 4000 combines ELA responsibilities with professional sound, audio networking and multimedia. The system is used in conjunction with more than 160 Dynacord DL 96A and DL84 ceiling loudspeakers in the main hall, bowling alley, shooting gallery, passageways, staircases and changing rooms. Meanwhile, the PA in the main hall includes a total of 21 Electro-Voice Zx5-90 and Zx1i-100 loudspeakers, and five EV P900RL and P3000RL power amplifiers.

The sophisticated installation is said to have gone ‘like clockwork’. “We had meticulously prepared the whole installation in advance and the system worked flawlessly from the start,” commented Mega Music’s Davor Tomovic. “All we needed was a little fine-tuning, and the intelligent networking offered by Electro-Voice played an important role. The IRIS-Net software combined with the remote control power amplifiers reduced a potentially complex procedure to a few straightforward steps.”

Oliver Sahm, director of technical support team pro-audio EMEA for Dynacord, told II: “The Dynacord Promatrix 4000 system is well-established in the market [for] more than 10 years and is still a benchmark when it comes to the point [of combining] excellent pro-audio performance with reliable and international standard conforming life-safety features. [_] The combination of the Dynacord Promatrix 4000 and the remote controllable pro-sound components from Electro-Voice gives the customer an integrated solution, where the different operators do not have to think about different system parts anymore. Each and every operator from the security forces and fire-fighters to the sound engineer in the control room can work with the system as it is custom-tailored for him and [he can] trust in the reliability and sound performance of our brands.”