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Dutch venue equipped with Sound Projects systems

Located on the site of the former DRU-factory complex in Ulft, the Drufabriek cultural centre incorporates a new theatre, the Pop&Dance hall, a music school, practice rooms, a library and much more.

Both the theatre and the pop auditorium have been installed with Sound Projects DreamLines, augmented by two SP2-10 bass horns per side. Concealed pairs of triple 15in units provide extra low-end reinforcement, while a further set of SP2-10s and two SP3-15s are also available as and when required.

“All audio elements are interchangeable and flexible,” said Live Music MD Bart Smits. “The SP3-15s can be used in both auditoria. If the stage in the Pop&Dance hall is removed, the whole PA can be rolled backwards to the corners of the hall through a special construction that we designed.”

Other equipment provided by Live Music to the Drufabriek includes a raft of mixing consoles from Soundcraft, Yamaha and Midas, along with various items of outboard gear.