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Dutch eco-farm installation for A&H

To ensure audio distribution control in The Farm’s public areas – which comprise a restaurant, meeting room, auditorium and theatre – Face Sound fitted two iDR-8 mixing processors with iDR-in expander units, providing a 32 x 16 matrix. All rooms have been equipped with PL-4 remote control wall plates for source selection, while there are also PL-8 switch units for emergency and PA announcements in two locations.

In addition, Face Sound selected an Allen & Heath WZ314:4:2 compact mixer for use during live multimedia presentations. Brennel’s auditorium also features an Allen & Heath ML4000 VCA mixer at FOH, along with a GL2800M monitor console for live events.

Speaking to II, Face Sound owner Joop van der Linden (pictured here to the left of Brennel chief engineer Robert Wardenier and TM Audio’s Jaap Pronk) explained his selection of A&H equipment: “The complex includes a small concert venue, a restaurant and meeting rooms, so I needed to have a system that could switch between the different venues, and between live and recorded music. That can be accomplished very easily with the Allen & Heath system, and is one of the main reasons why I chose it. I also really like the sound of the Allen & Heath consoles, in particular the EQ.”

Allen & Heath products are distributed in the Netherlands by TM Audio.