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Duran in audio transformation at top Stadium

The Palacio de los Deportes Jose Maria Martin Carpena stadium has undergone an audio transformation thanks to the installation of four AXYS INTELLIVOX DS1608 digitally steerable, self powered, loudspeaker arrays.

The Palacio de los Deportes Jose Maria Martin Carpena in Málaga is one of the reference fields of Spanish basketball. It is the home of Unicaja Málaga Team (League Champion in 2006, Cup Champion in 2005 and 3rd in Euroliga in 2007).

The stadium owners decided that whilst expanding the stadium to more then 11,000 seats, which is an audience area of over 5,500m2, they would resolve the historic issue of poor intelligibility (0.44 STI) with the PA system.Genuix Audio’s technical team supported by Duran Audio Iberia, opted for a centralised sound system, one focussed around the score board. Using 4 x AXYS DS1608 which not only have the ability to offer over 98dB (continuous) evenly across a range of over 50mtrs, but also allow for preset programming that allows the stadiums sound system to be reconfigured quickly for a variety of uses, such as live performances, tennis matches, motocross, etc which are also staged at the venue.

The DDS control of the Intellivox loudspeakers is a real advantage since the sound emission patterns can be adapted for each of the shows based on the audience areas and the position of the video scoreboard.

Despite having a reverberation time (T60) at the Palacio of around 3 seconds. The new system has achieved a remarkable intelligibility level of over 0.56 STI at a level around 94dB SPL.

Even the press has echoed the quality of this new sound system “the sound is much more crisp and clean, reducing the feeling of disco that recently wrapped the basketball game,” said Málaga Hoy, a major local newspaper.