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Draper enhances projection screen surfaces

Draper has revamped its range of projection screens, with over 20 new and refined viewing surfaces now grouped into four families.

Draper is introducing several of its redefined projection screen surfaces at InfoComm this year, and new products including its Ecomatt XT700E.

The Ecomatt features accurate colour balance over a full 180° field, is Greenguard certified, and comes as the first projection surface to be Cradle to Cradle Certified Silver by McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry (MBDC).

A reworking of existing and new projection screen surfaces and names will mean that viewing surface options are enhanced, with key performance measurements also included in screen models. The 20 new and refined viewing surfaces are grouped into four families: OptiView self-supporting front projection surfaces, OptiFlex tensioned front projection screens, ClearSound acoustically transparent front projection screens and CineFlex flexible/tensioned screens for rear projection.

 “At the beginning of this process of reimagining the concept of what makes a good projection screen, I was asked to do nothing less than explore the frontiers of projection surfaces,” stated fabric coordinator Brian Hocker, who was charged with leading Draper’s efforts.

Testing of manufacturing processes took place at Draper’s headquarters in. Spiceland, Indiana, with hundreds of different surfaces tested before the final method was decided on..