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dnp offers simplified retractable Supernova screen

dnp enters the volume market for retractable screens by launching a simplified version of its award-winning dnp Supernova Flex screen. The new model will be dubbed the Classic.

dnp denmark, supplier of optical projection screen technology, has launched a simplified version of its award-winning Supernova Flex screen.

Available at about half the price of a Supernova Flex, the new screen targets the mid-to-high-end market for meeting and boardrooms. It will be marketed under the name dnp Supernova Flex Classic, as it utilises a classic design with a dark grey drop above the screen, instead of being suspended by wires.

dnp’s global sales manager, Søren Kræmmergaard, explained: “We wanted to create a retractable screen at a significantly lower price point, without compromising on image quality. The new screen delivers the same optical performance that earned the Supernova Flex its excellent reputation. But we have chosen a simpler design for the housing and suspension system.”

Just like the high-end dnp Supernova Flex, the new classic version is fitted with high-contrast filters that absorb ambient light and deliver exceptionally clear images, even in brightly lit surroundings. This eliminates the need to darken the room and makes the screen ideal for bright meeting rooms and home entertainment applications in, for example, living rooms with high ambient light.

“The screen has been developed primarily for the professional market, but we expect that it will also appeal to film and gaming aficionados who want a state-of-the-art home entertainment solution for their living room,” said dnp product manager, Johnny Jensen.

The retractable screen is operated from a remote control, and the noiseless electrical motor ensures that it slides up into its sleek housing quickly and easily. The white housing (standard version) can be mounted on the wall or ceiling.