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DIS-partners reveal new Qatar install deals

After two of its partners for the region closed the deals, DIS digital conference solutions are set to be installed into two locations in Qatar.

DIS digital conferencing systems are set to be installed in two locations in Doha, Qatar. The Faculty of Islamic Studies will be fitted with DCS 6000 Digital Conference System, while the Traffic & Patrol Headquarters will feature a 4-Channel digital IR system with 250 receivers.

Integrator and regional distributor for DIS, Darwish Technology, has been charged with the supply of four DCS 6000 Digital Conference Systems to the Faculty of Islamic Studies. One room is set to be equipped with 300 flush-mount units FD 6121, 4-channel digital IR language distribution for all delegates and an extensive SW 6000 software package. Meanwhile three other rooms will have a total of 115 pieces of DC 6120P microphone units on the table.

Area sales manager Chris Hellmuth of DIS and division manager Roland Obeid of DARWISH Technology state “Darwish Technology has quoted DIS products various times before and now been rewarded for it. Therefore we’re very happy that patience on both sides has paid off as this project is the biggest order for DIS from Qatar this year”.

Consolidated Gulf Company (CGC) will deliver a 4-channel digital IR system with 250 receivers to the Traffic & Patrol Headquarters.

During a site visit in September regional sales manager Jan Villumsen had the opportunity to meet the two CGC presales managers Vikas Shrivastava and Rajesh Kumar. Although the location is still under construction it was interesting for DIS to see the auditorium where the DCS 6000 system will be installed in a few months.

“During our Qatar business trip we’ve visited several DIS-Partners and it seems that the number of projects in Qatar is steadily increasing. And with our well trained partner network we’ll be well prepared for new challenges”, Jan Villumsen states.