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DiGiGrid routing possibilities creates intuitive studio world

DiGiGrid delivers complete integration to multi-use German studio

More Accurate Audio Solutions, a studio in Offenbach am Main, Germany, is run by audio expert Robert Hauck. The studio offers a wide range of services from production to mixing and mastering, as well as delivering training seminars that cover all aspects of studio craft.

With two studio spaces – one for production and training in modular synth setups, and the other for mastering, Hauck was looking for an integrated solution to provide deep routing and audio resource sharing. After careful research it was decided that a DiGiGrid system could achieve all routing possibilities he required to connect every part, analogue and digital, of his studio infrastructure.

With Robert providing a permanent DiGiGrid training and demonstration facility, an education partnership was formed and a full DiGiGrid setup was installed, including an IOS-XL as well as IOX, IOC, MGO, D Desktop and S switch units; everything needed to show the power of DiGiGrid and the SoundGrid network.

Robert Hauck commented: “The new numerous and intuitive routing options created an intuitive studio world. Sound-wise, especially regarding details and resolution, The DiGiGrid interfaces and their converters are top notch. Recordings, whether from our modular system or from the FX rack are in a sonically new dimension and we’re happy to have joined the DiGiGrid family and are proud to represent them.”