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Dialight Lumidrives’ LED modules light up luxurious Swedish hotel

According to Dialight Lumidrives (the illuminations division of Dialight plc), Colourdriver 36 gives control of up to 36 LEDs, is compliant with Luxeon power light sources and can be remote-mounted by up to 30 metres from the LEDs. Also possessing thermal feedback protection and a 3-channel driver powering a minimum of four to a maximum of 36 350mA LEDs, Colourdriver 36 is said to be ideal for exterior architectural lighting.

Colada modules are available in silver or black finishes and can be used with one single colour or RGB LEDs. IP and non-IP versions are available, with size options covering 12 LEDs (425mm length), 16 LEDs RGB and 18 single colour (615mm) and 36 LEDs (1190mm). Optic options include spot, medium, wide and oval.

Gordon Routledge, managing director of Dialight Lumidrives, told II: “The SAS Radisson installation shows that when simplicity of design is combined with state-of-the-art LED-based lighting, it can create a superb showcase effect which not only looks attractive to the viewer but delivers high performance and reliable long life for the customer.”