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Denon introduces next generation AV-Arts series

Denon has bolstered its network AV receiver offering with five new additions to its latest AV-Arts series range.

Home entertainment manufacturer Denon has unveiled five new AV receivers as part of its next-generation AV-Arts series: The AVR-1513 receiver, the network capable AVR-1713, AVR-2113 and AVR-2313 receivers, and the DBT-1713UD. The AVR-1513 incorporates a power amp to deliver audio via five channels with 100W each. It features a front HDMI input, Dolby TrueHD and dts-HD Master Audio decoders. Furthermore, a compressed Audio Restorer can enhance sound of music files such as MP3 or WMA, played back through the device’s circuitry. In addition, it incorporates a new Graphical User Interface (GUI) and setup Assistant. Housing similar features as the 1513, the AVR-2113 and AVR-2313 deliver 125W and 135W over seven channels respectively, while the AVR-1713 generates 120W over five channels. All models incorporate Audyssey audio technologies and offer AirPlay music streaming, which allows the access of music content from iTunes library on an iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, or PC/Mac via the network. Moreover, each device can be controlled through the Denon Remote App for iPad, iPhone or iPod touch (with an Android app expected to be released later this year). The 2113 and 2313 have short signal path circuit design minimising any signal degradation due to interference. Both devices feature 4k pass-through and 4k scaling through their six HDMI inputs (with 3D, Audio Return Channel and CEC). The AVR-2313 also has additional features in two HDMI outputs for simultaneous playback on a TV plus a projector and Audyssey DSX plus Audyssey Pro readiness. The DBT-1713UD is purely Blu-ray transport oriented, with the ability to deliver digital signal unaltered through the HDMI output to the AV receiver. It also supports online video streaming content such as YouTube or Netflix. High-quality engineering with independent blocks and a shielded drive mechanism with quick response loading times. In addition, it provides a variety of advanced network capabilities. These functions allow users to listen to thousands of free Internet radio stations or play music files stored on a shared hard disks (NAS) or PCs.