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dbx Professional processors in control at lavish Stuttgart nightclub

Located in the heart of Stuttgart’s industrial area, the new venue is run by well-known operator Dietmar Gaa. The six-zone system was developed by ZF Pro Audio and based around five DriveRack 4800s and a Drive 260 digital controller. EASE acoustic simulations were used for measurements in two main rooms, with the DriveRack enabling connection over Ethernet and the ability for all measurements to be conducted from a laptop over HiQnet.

Since the project’s architects were reluctant to allow acoustic baffles or screening to intrude on the design, the programmed sound needed to be isolated in each of the main areas, with minimum spillage. Consequently, the 4800s were programmed with an EQ curve that makes the system perform at its optimum when the venue is crowded.

Loudspeakers specified as part of a very extensive fit-out include JBL AM6125/95s in the club area and two main dance rooms. Among the other equipment installed across the site are JBL Control 28 loudspeakers and SRX718S subs, AKG WMS400 and D3700 microphones, Crown CT series amplifiers and Soundcraft UREI 1605 seven-channel mixers.

“I am pleased we have been able to take a complete Harman Pro systems approach – right down to the AKG K181DJ headphones!” commented Audio Pro Heilbronn’s project leader, Christoph Keller. “The DriveRack 4800s are the engine of the whole design, and as a result we have been able to present the venue with enormous versatility, an optimised gain structure, and high-quality signal performance and control over Ethernet.”