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dbn lights Commonwealth Youth Games

The Commonwealth Youth Games was recently staged on the Isle of Man, and dbn provided the lighting design and fixtures.

Manchester, UK-based lighting rental company dbn supplied lighting design and equipment for the opening ceremony of the 2011 Commonwealth Youth Games stage in The Bowl Stadium, Douglas, Isle of Man.

dbn’s Nick Buckley designed a lighting scheme for the show which was produced by Walk The Plank.

Walk The Plank’s 30 minute theatrical element of the two hour long opening ceremony show – which also featured the athletes parade – was divided into three dance-orientated sections. An intro spectacular was followed by a tribute to the Isle of Man’s culture, including the sea god Manannan and the Viking raids, before an international dance finale which featured a fusion of different styles from around the Commonwealth.

In addition to lighting the theatrical performance area in the centre of the pitch, the entire stadium needed dynamic illumination to involve it in the action, so Buckley integrated the stadium floodlighting system with his to give a ‘house lighting’ state featuring a pleasant ambient coverage of the whole track and surrounding areas. These were turned off for the show, making a real impact with movement, colour and drama.

To get good long throw lighting positions for the field of play, the dbn crew rigged a series of 6ft high ali-deck staging platforms behind the back of the seating stands on all four sides of the pitch. On these they stood 24 Studio Due 2.5K City Colors colour changing floods – two units on each platform. This proved a highly cost-effective way of getting lots of lighting coverage around the periphery of the pitch.

In the centre of the field a platform was built underneath one of dbn’s mini-beam 8 x 8 metre trussing ground support structures which offered 6 metres of headroom.

Hung on the structure were four Clay Paky Alpha Spot 300 moving lights in customised weather domes – which are fan-cooled and made from solid plastic so they are pyro-resistant. Twelve PAR 64s were used for a white stage wash, and eight SGM PALCO outdoor LED floods were dotted around the structure to light the pitch.

In each of the four corners of the pitch, stands were rigged, each accommodating an Alpha Spot and an Alpha Wash 700 moving light. These became specials for blasting colour and gobo texturing/patterning into the centre.

Buckley ran the lighting via a Jands Vista S3 console.