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d&b brings new flexibility to TNC

TNC head of sound Xavier Rodriguez explained the background to the new installation: “The room is relatively dry at just a 1.5 second reverb. It has great sightlines, an acoustic that works well for music, especially piano recital or musical theatre, but voices do need a lift, especially with some actors who spend long periods [on] TV work and don’t have the discipline or practice to project their voice as strongly as they did in the past. The Q-Series gave us the ability to raise the voice in terms of level, but did not have wide enough dispersion for use as a centre cluster, which is what we needed for better imaging.”

Following discussions with David Rosello, head of d&b’s Spanish office, and a brief trial arranged through local install company Koala Projects, Rodriguez is currently experimenting in order to find a core centre configuration able to complement a wide variety of presentations. At present, he is using two T10s (105_ dispersion in point source configuration, augmented by two more T10s (90_ dispersion) – one per side – for near-fill.

“We’ve already won the battle for speech intelligibility, which has always been the main goal for a theatre venue,” said Rodriguez. “The imaging is just a matter of finesse – another week and we will have it.”