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Datasat launches RS20i home cinema audio processor

Datasat has enhanced its own contribution to home cinema market with the introduction of the RS20i home cinema audio processor.

Datasat has released its new RS20i home cinema audio processor with state-of-the-art digital signal processing.

Customised by the Datasat team, which includes Dave Kerstetter of Theta fame, the RS20i offers a superlative level of circuit design and quality, together with a degree of room optimisation.

Like the company’s pro AP20 processor, the modular, upgradeable RS20i features 16 channels, 20 memory presets for all settings, 3rd octave, parametric, shelving EQs and low and high bandpass on all channels; individual channel and global delays, Dirac Live room optimisation and three expansion bays for future development.

The RS20i improves upon the audio quality of the AP20 with changes to specific components and cards, and the addition of Bass Management, HDMI v1.4 for 3D video pass through, level shift for the consumer space and new menus.

Controls can be viewed remotely and operated using a Virtual Network Connection (VNC). VNC clients are available to allow control from iPhone, iPad and Google phones, as well as laptops. The RS20i’s custom designed and built chassis and front panel are by Neal Fay Designs of Goleta California.