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D.A.S. Audio system specified at new Spanish sports facility

In the reception, beauty, relaxation and cafeteria areas, D.A.S. Factor 5 systems were installed. Meanwhile, in the fitness, aerobics and body-building studios, it was DS-108 and DS-112 systems that fit the bill. In the multi-purpose studio, the DS-115 systems are to be deployed with an output power of 350W RMS, enabling the facility to host a number of ‘extracurricular’ activities, including conferences and parties.

A selection of D.A.S. Audio amplifiers and processors were also specified, including seven amplifiers from the Energy Series and four H Series amps, along with dual-channel EQ-215 graphic equalisers and DJ-11 mixers. Signal distribution is via a six-channel Dateq ACE mixer, supplied exclusively in Spain by D.A.S. Audio.

“D.A.S. was chosen for this project thanks to the wide range of products we have,” D.A.S. Audio’s director of marketing, Roberto Giner, told II. “This provides a systems integrator or sound installation company with systems of all sizes and applications. This makes things simple for the contractor since he knows he can get everything he needs for the sound reinforcement from D.A.S.”