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D.A.S. Audio equipment specified for multi-purpose Gijon complex

As a result of this work, the facility is now being put to a variety of uses. The farm was made into a public golf course, while the convent once belonging to the order of the Poor Clare Sisters became the head office of the regional TV channel. Meanwhile, some of the teaching rooms were transformed into the Centre for Art & Industrial Creation.

D.A.S. Audio systems have been installed in a number of areas, including the main patio. A total of 16 Factor 9T systems are now situated along its perimeter, used in conjunction with three E-8T amplifiers from the D.A.S. Energy series.

Elsewhere, the central hall has two Dynamics DS-115 units to provide audio in an area that is now used as a congress hall and will also serve as a cinema in the future. Meanwhile, the Centre for Art and Industrial Creation – a space designated for artistic creation, exhibitions, workshops and seminars – has been installed with 8in CL-9T loudspeakers from the D.A.S. Ceiling Series in the main access areas and hallways, with Factor 8W units selected for the rooms. All of the enclosures are finished in white and complement the centre’s carefully chosen d_cor.