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D.A.S. at Expo 2008

Specific equipment includes six D.A.S. Variant 112A systems in the Arag_n Pavilion (pictured), which possesses a theme of ‘Water and the Future’ and is reportedly the most visited pavilion. Elsewhere, the Andalusian Pavilion features several D.A.S. Arco 24 double 4in loudspeakers, while the Russian Federation Pavilion incorporates DR-108A two-way powered loudspeakers. The Extreme Water Pavilion – which examines natural disasters and the steps that can be taken to prevent them – features a total of 30 loudspeakers from the Arco series, used in conjunction with amplifiers from the new PS series.

D.A.S. systems are also present in the United Arab Emirates (more Arco series loudspeakers, along with PS and CSA-T series amplifiers) and Turkish (Factor and DR series) pavilions.

Roberto Giner, marketing director of D.A.S. Audio, told II: “The Expo Zaragoza installations required a lot of collaboration between our clients and D.A.S. Our sound design department offered a great deal of back-office support for the companies involved in the Expo projects with design and installation consulting. Pavilions as important as the Arag_n (the Expo host), Agua Extrema (translated as ‘Extreme Water’), Russia, United Arab Emirates, Andalusia and Turkey were equipped with D.A.S. products.”

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