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CueCore helps promote renewable energy

Dutch consumers looking to find out more about renewable energy are being immersed in a 4D experience - with Visual Production's CueCore helping stimulate their senses.

Dutch company, working with Dutch manufacturer CLS-LED, recently completed the Energy Experience Center for Leusden’s DE Partner company.

With CLS-LED, installed and programmed light, audio and video equipment in a portable storage container. The equipment used needed to reflect the importance of energy efficiency with the project including a 10 minute video presentation that takes the visitor through all the issues that come with durable and energy efficient construction, renovation and housing.

Visual Productions’ CueCore was chosen for solid-state lighting control.

The presentation takes place on four synchronised large LED screens. During the presentation, the environment within the container coordinates the viewers’ senses with the video content: the viewer experiences the wind blowing like a draughty house and hears the knocking on the window or feels the vibrations from the special effects during the helicopter scene. The presentation is a true 4D experience where image, sound and light effects all complement each other perfectly.

The right atmosphere is created by the CLS-LED lighting fixtures: Covelight Superior extra warm white and RGB LED strips and CLS Lon RGBA LED fixtures. The CLS digital, LDC- 41 and LDV-45, DMX drivers are controlled by the CueCoreʼs DMX signal to dim the downlights and change the colour of the Covelight Superior LED strips according to the pre programmed cues.

Basic lighting over the desk and the entrance is formed by the CLS Luxo 3, with warm white LEDs with diffuser. All these were programmed with and controlled by the Visual Productions’ CueCore solid-state lighting control.

Visual Hardware Services from Amsterdam supplied the BrightSign media players that used to trigger the CueCore in sync with the media content. This was done using the UDP protocol over the network. In the CueCore, light cues are preprogrammed: each video scene evokes a unique UDP message which is broadcast by the BrightSign player to recall the correct cue in the CueCore. In addition to the colour changes, the fans are also dynamically controlled by the CueCore.

“Our customer asked for a solution which in my opinion could only be achieved by the CueCore; syncing video, audio & lighting with a convenient button user-interface,” said Mickael van Eekelen, Light Architect for CLS-LED. “The key element was for the customer to combine a few systems in a very very easy way which is where the CueCore came in as a perfect all-round solution. The programming of the CueCore gave a fast and easy result which combined with the special effects led to a pretty cool finish”.