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CSE installs cool lighting

Possibly the ultimate 'cool' bar in London is the ICEBAR BY ICEHOTEL - and Colour Sound Experiment has made it even cooler.

Colour Sound Experiment (CSE) has installed its new proprietary BT36 LED screen as well as a new Anolis lighting scheme for the latest cool ice sculpture installation at the ICEBAR BY ICEHOTEL London in Heddon Street, London.

The elaborate and intricate ice sculptures – created by designers from the original ICEHOTEL in Sweden – are changed annually along with the lighting, which is an integral part of the space.

A long bar forms a major part of the design and this is lit from below by six new 24-way ArcLine RGB units added this year. A punky head is a major detail of this year’s ice sculpture and this is highlighted with a single ArcLine 18.

In the roof for general lighting, 18 of the new Anolis ArcSource 12 Multichip units – each one featuring a single cell emitter – are used for general washing and down lighting. Two Anolis ArcLine 36 Warm White strips sit above the ice wall at the back of the bar, highlighting the sign and logo.

Also behind the same ice wall are four panels of CSE’s BT37 LED screen. These are fed with content from a media server, and produce colour sweeps and other effects, adding some movement and dynamics into the mix.

All the Anolis elements are controlled via a selection of ArcPower drivers; two ArcPower 360s are running 10 each of the ArcLine 36s. An ArcPower 144 is running the other ArcLine 36 and three of the ArcLine 24s, with another ArcPower 144 driving three more 24s and the ArcLine 18 unit. The ArcSource 7s are powered by an ArcPower 16 x 6, and all of these are squeezed into the very limited space available for control gear.

All the installed LED lighting is programmed on to an Avolites Azure console with an Environment Wing, spec’d by CSE. A series of colourful static lighting looks are used as standard, with colour chases and other scenes available for special events, all easily selectable for playback by the ICEBAR BY ICEHOTEL London staff.

ICEBAR BY ICEHOTEL London is one of a number of current prominent CSE installations in London, which also include The Box in Soho and The Electric in Brixton.