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Crestron’s latest whitepaper looks towards a future, post-pandemic, hybrid working environment

Free-to-download Workplace 2020 and Beyond report explores the impact that Covid-19 has had on digital workplace transformation

No one can overlook the transformative impact 2020 has had on the way we collaborate and connect in order to get work done. Things have certainly changed. But what of the future, long after the pandemic’s influence has faded?

Forward-looking companies like Crestron are looking at workplace change through a much longer lens, building the tools and applications to enable people to work together safely and effectively – wherever they are located, no matter which field they are in.

The new Crestron whitepaper Workplace 2020 and Beyond explores the impact that the pandemic has had on digital workplace transformation, catalysing future-of-work trends for which Crestron have been creating for years – but with new priorities and constraints, for the hybrid workspaces we are now envisaging.

In this post-Covid world, it is paramount that every workspace occupant is kept safe, productive, and fully engaged in all aspects of company culture, whether they’re working on site, working remotely, or adopting a more hybrid approach. Creating spaces for mobility and blended working takes thought and occasionally radical rethinking of the way teams communicate, collaborate, and connect – but there is little point designing any workspace now that is not both fully accessible for remote workers, and completely safe for those present in the building. A combination of flexibility, scalability, mobility and analytics will help people work safely and productively in the workplace of the future.

Crestron’s new report references the most up-to-date insight from Gartner, Gensler, and more, along with their deep knowledge of digital transformation, to weave a powerful vision of what to expect in the future. 

“Businesses have to work within the physical constraints of their building, but we can retrofit dynamic collaboration, installing flexible – even mobile – video conferencing and collaboration technologies to turn any room into a hub of productivity,”  says Andrew Gross, director of sales UC enterprise at Crestron.

“It’s the combination of flexibility, scalability, mobility and analytics, that will help people work safely and productively in the workplace of the future. We’re creating smart tools and layers to essentially work unnoticed in the background.”

You can download the whitepaper by filling in the form below: