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Crestron equips ‘best’ simulation centre

Portsmouth Hospital academic and clinical staff now have access to a technically advanced training facility which incorporates a PIxel Projects-supplied cameras providing live feeds and two Crestron CP2E processors.

Since 2003, Portsmouth Hospital’s academic and clinical staff have planned and developed a technically advanced training facility which provides hospital trainees with immersive, role-play scenarios to replicate the stresses and challenges of practicing medicine in an emergency situation. Following a systems upgrade incorporating control and automation technology from Crestron, Portsmouth believes that it now has one of the best equipped clinical simulation training centres in the world. The AV equipment inside the unit, supplied by Pixel Projects, consists of a series of cameras which relay live video feeds to the control rooms for the trainers to analyse. Other equipment in the theatre rooms includes digital microphones, radio microphones and audio processors and the provision for future recording equipment to be added. All this technology is unified via two Crestron CP2E processors and is operated via TPMC Crestron touch screens.