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Creating a customised space

The new 656 million euro Larnak Zenon International Airport in Cyprus is three times bigger than its predecessor and offers a host of retail and leisure facilities, including an LED cultural hub. Tom Bradbury finds out more 

The Showroom in the basement of the MicroTower high-rise building is part of the WellTeknia concept and is used for product launches and pre-marketing as well as a tool in product design.

The existing structures in the space, such as walls and ceiling, were left untouched whenever possible. A holed structure in the modular wall panels allows for squared indirect and background lighting by Cyclo 04 DMX full color mixing luminaires, while the white surface on fixed walls act as reflection surfaces.

Supplied by Martin Architectural distributor Electrosonic Lightinen, the Cyclo 04 is an RGBW T5 fluorescent color changer capable of generating nearly all colors or white light of any color temperature.

A 43 in plasma display acts as the main attention point of the space and is driven by a Hippotizer Express media server. A PC-based Martin LightJockey 2 lighting controller controls the ensemble of light, audio and video and the LightJockey Manager’s Scheduler module takes care of daily calendar routines. It is also possible to bypass the calendar routines with LightJockey Manager’s Touchscreen application. Some traditional info kiosks are also present in the space, two of which feature a touch screen and one a normal Internet terminal.

Halogen spotlight modules, recessed in the ceiling, were customized for the Teknia Showroom. The lower grill ceiling was preserved and some plating was replaced with directional spotlight modules with luminaire-specific dimmers. Luminaire-specific dimming, as well as spotlight module moving is effortless, thanks to the electrical wiring using Enstonet connectors.