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Control4 driver available for CoolMaster

The new driver has been launched by home automation interface technology specialist Extra Vegetables.

The new driver has been launched by home automation interface technology specialist Extra Vegetables.

The CoolMaster range of air conditioning bridges from Cool Automation enables simple control of the most popular air conditioning systems through a standard serial interface. Systems from Daikin, Sanyo, Toshiba, Mitsubishi Electric, Fujitsu and Hitachi are all supported by different variants of the CoolMaster unit.

Extra Vegetable’s new driver for the CoolMaster range enables quick and easy integration with Control4, allowing the customer to set the mode and set point of their climate control system from any of the Control4 user interfaces. This includes web-based control from anywhere in the world, with no additional equipment required.

Jane Scotland, marketing director at Extra Vegetables, commented: “Air conditioning systems have been a challenge for custom installers, yet it’s a frequently requested feature. Because each manufacturer uses their own protocol, up to now integration was a time-consuming and complicated procedure. Cool Automation has provided a great way of integrating with a variety of systems and we’ve now taken that concept one stage further by providing easy integration with Control4.”

Igor Mirbarg, CEO of Cool Automation, added: “Our aim with the CoolMaster product was always to leverage our experience in the air conditioning industry to enable simple integration with other systems. We are delighted that Extra Vegetables have provided integration with Control4, the world’s fastest growing home control system.”

Installers can purchase the appropriate air conditioning interface directly from Cool Automation or via one of their international representatives listed at The Extra Vegetables driver and documentation is available now from the Extra Vegetables website, Dealers can access pricing by registering on the site.