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Competition prompts Tribeca Grand Hotel to revamp audio with QSC

Q-Sys Core 250iIntegrated System Platform, AcousticDesign Loudspeakers and CX series amplifiers have been installed at the lower Manhattan nightspot after new venues set the benchmark.

The recent installation of a QSC Q-Sys Core 250i processing and management system at Tribeca Grand Hotel, New York, US, is already said to be improving sound quality and user control in the hotel’s bar, restaurant, lounge and lobby areas of the boutique.

Systems integrator Canal Sound & Light, in consultation with Danny Taylor, a freelance audio contractor and nightclub designer, installed the Q-Sys system along with more than two dozen of QSC AcousticDesign surface- and ceiling-mount loudspeakers powered by QSC CX Series amplifiers.

Located in a fashionable lower Manhattan residential neighborhood, the Tribeca Grand has been a major Manhattan nightlife attraction for more than a decade, but its audio system was beginning to show its age, according to Jeffrey Kwan, vice president at Canal Sound & Light. “A lot of newer hotels have popped up since then with better equipment and superior systems. The audio quality of the Tribeca Grand’s previous system was not up to par, and everything was just getting lost in the atrium. Since the hotel is expanding the number of special events that they are booking, everything just needed to be improved,” stated Kwan.

The hotel’s triangular eight-story atrium houses the Church Lounge, a cozy dining area and cocktail bar featuring regular DJ nights that has become a celebrity hotspot. “The entire atrium and lobby were re-done,” commented Kwan, “and we divided everything—the dining room, bar, atrium, lobby and hallway areas—into seven zones.”

In addition to the Core 250i, Canal Sound & Light installed an assortment of AcousticDesign loudspeakers including: ten AD-S282H high-output, dual 8in, two-way, surface-mount speakers; eight AD-S82H high-output, 8in, two-way, surface-mount speakers; five AD-S28TW surface-mount subwoofers (in the atrium); four AD-Ci52T compact, two-way, sealed enclosure ceiling speakers; and a single QSC KW181 18in subwoofer. One CX302, five CX902 and four CX1102 two-channel amplifiers drive the installed loudspeakers.

Outfitted with a selection of microphone and line I/O and DataPort control and monitoring cards, the Q-Sys Core 250i processor enabled Canal Sound & Light to optimise the system in each zone with custom EQ and other processing.

In addition to offering superior audio quality, the Q-Sys system also enables Canal Sound & Light to provide the Tribeca Grand’s managers with networked touch screens as well as wireless, remote level control in each zone. “One of the best things about the Q-Sys Core 250i is that it operates over standard-layer 3 Gigabit Ethernet,” said Kwan, whose crew installed the QSC TSC-3 3.5-inch touch screens in the hotel’s bar, lounge and studio buffet/conference room areas.

Kwan also designed a custom app using Q-Sys Designer software that enables any hotel manager to walk into a zone and adjust the audio level with a swipe of a finger on a Q-Sys network connected iPhone. “With the previous system, everyone had to just guess if audio levels in different areas of the hotel were correct, because that system was in a fixed location. All the managers hated the controls that they had. But they love the ability that Q-Sys gives them to control their facility wirelessly,” finished Kwan.