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Community Pro R-Series selected for Sao Paulo Expo Centre

With the original system offering little in the way of intelligibility, a new system based on Community Pro loudspeakers was opted for to distribute sound around the 98,000sqm Sao Paulo Expo Centre.

The Expo Center Norte, Sao Paulo, Brazil, is one of Latin America’s most versatile and comprehensive exhibition and convention centres. As part of a recent sound system overhaul, Community Pro R-Series loudspeakers have been installed at the facility.

The venue opened in 1993 and has over 98,000sqm of space for hosting a wide range of events, including trade shows, conventions and corporate events.

After recognising that the original sound system was unintelligible and event attendees could not hear important announcements, Roberto Benedito from the centre selected Sao Paulo-based systems integrator Soundvision to perform a system upgrade.

Antonio Tadeu Torquato, general director, Soundvision, commented: “We immediately narrowed the choice for the project down to Community’s R-Series, because of the output, directivity and intelligibility they provide.”

Soundvision installed a single R.5HP loudspeaker in one of the Expo Center Norte’s convention halls to demonstrate the speaker’s capabilities. The venue managers from the Expo Center Norte were extremely impressed with the performance of the loudspeaker and commissioned Soundvision to install the new Community sound system.

The final system design for the exhibition halls included 44 Community R.5HPT 12in loudspeaker systems. The three-way, coaxial, horn-loaded design of the R.5HP provides the high sensitivity and the mid-range clarity required for the noisy and reverberant environments found in convention centers like the Expo Center. The light grey loudspeaker enclosures also blend well with the walls and ceiling of the convention centre, making the system visually unobtrusive.

All in all, fewer loudspeakers were utilised for the new sound system, but the overall coverage and intelligibility was dramatically improved.

The public address system was designed so that announcements could be made from the main control centre or from one of 10 zones positioned in different locations throughout the five separate halls that make up the convention center. The system was also required to be very easy to operate as staff need to be able to make announcements in each of the different zones.

The Community loudspeakers are powered by Crown CTs 4200 amplifiers and Soundvision opted for Harman Professional’s IDX control system.

The system was utilised for the first time during the Expomusic Show, which took place in September 2012. Torquato noted: “Roberto Benedito and the management of Expo Center Norte are extremely pleased with the performance of the new sound system, and so are we.”