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Community helps California chapel to overcome intelligibility problems

Having originally planned to hang two small array left and right, Chris Miller of Skip’s Music was informed by the Chaplin that the speakers should not be visible. As a result, Miller specified a single Community iHP1594 two-way cabinet with a 90 x 40-degree rotatable horn pattern, augmented by a single i115S 15-inch subwoofer. The cabinets are flown inside the ceiling’s 55-foot peak.

The equipment is pressed into the service of a multi-denominational array of services. According to Miller, these can range “from Baptist to Buddhist, and the programme material can be anything from spoken word to choir to a band. The iBOX is very powerful and very musical, and has exceptional intelligibility as well.”

Describing the iBOX as “a perfect fit” for Foothills Chapel, Miller observed: “I’d never have believed a single speaker cabinet could do such a good job of covering such a big massive space. Our original design had called for a fair amount of acoustic treatment on the back wall, but it turned out we didn’t need it after all.”