Community helps California chapel to overcome intelligibility problems

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Having originally planned to hang two small array left and right, Chris Miller of Skip's Music was informed by the Chaplin that the speakers should not be visible. As a result, Miller specified a single Community iHP1594 two-way cabinet with a 90 x 40-degree rotatable horn pattern, augmented by a single i115S 15-inch subwoofer. The cabinets are flown inside the ceiling's 55-foot peak.

The equipment is pressed into the service of a multi-denominational array of services. According to Miller, these can range "from Baptist to Buddhist, and the programme material can be anything from spoken word to choir to a band. The iBOX is very powerful and very musical, and has exceptional intelligibility as well."

Describing the iBOX as "a perfect fit" for Foothills Chapel, Miller observed: "I'd never have believed a single speaker cabinet could do such a good job of covering such a big massive space. Our original design had called for a fair amount of acoustic treatment on the back wall, but it turned out we didn't need it after all."