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Community fit-out for Stirling’s Raploch Campus

The loudspeakers were specified by Stirling-based sound and lighting company Scotaudio. “We needed loudspeakers that were aesthetically pleasing and could cope with the high humidity environment whilst delivering a solid and accurate reproduction in an acoustically live room – the Community I/O8 was a perfect choice,” said Scotaudio technical director Andy Greig. “For some of the children who will use this facility, sound is one of the main senses they use to explore their environment, and we needed the best quality available.”

In addition, a number of other sensory rooms were equipped with Community CLOUD ceiling loudspeakers.

“We again chose Community for the ceiling loudspeakers to maintain consistently high quality throughout the facility”, Greig told II. “Like the I/O8, Community’s CLOUD loudspeakers are outstanding for audio performance with high intelligibility and their well defined-dispersion ensures the system provides even coverage. Ease of installation is a bonus and we know we can always trust in Community for reliability.”