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ColorKinetics in the city: LED light-wall enhances central London offices

LTP was recommended as the best installer for the project to the site’s main contractors Simpson York by Nic Tolkein of Architainment, CK’s UK distributor.

Each of the 380 sections of Cove MX – the highest intensity member of the iColor Cove family – measures 320 mm and utilises the latest in CK’s Powercore technology. This simplifies the installation by integrating power and data management directly within the fixture, eliminating the need for external low voltage power or data supplies. Inbuilt power factor correction also significantly increases the overall system efficiency, minimising stress on the wiring infrastructure whilst enhancing the system’s cost effectiveness.

“All round it is an ideal fixture for the job” says LTP’s Terry Reeves, adding that CK’s robust engineering and overall product quality will also help reduce any ongoing maintenance costs.

The atrium is a voluminous triple-height glazed space containing steps up to multiple swing doors at one end, a reception desk at the other and a set of escalators sweeping dramatically off the right, leading up and into the building.

The light-wall is made up of 24 glass panels (wide) and 2 high, giving 30 x 5 metres in actual physical dimensions.

It’s controlled via CK’s Ethernet based Light System Manager protocol (CUT) using the Light System Composer (LSC) authoring software supplied by LTP and an 8-button recall panel, complete with eight client-defined sequences and states, ranging from funky multi-coloured rainbow effects to solid single colour scenes and a few ‘specials’.

The result has transformed a functional and somewhat prosiac public area into a stimulating, fun gallery-style room that’s become a great talking point for both workers and visitors to the building.

Before the installation commenced, LTP removed over 900 tubes of existing fluorescent lighting, decommissioning and disposing of it according to the environmental guidelines.