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CODA Audio oxygenates in Cannes with Jean-Michel Jarre

Iconic French musician partners with CODA Audio for immersive shows

CODA Audio has announced an ongoing partnership with famed French electronic musician and composer, Jean-Michel Jarre, debuting with a series of immersive shows at the revived MIDEM exhibition in Cannes. Now MIDƐM+ 23 under the new ownership of the City of Cannes, the event is set to reinvigorate the MIDEM brand post-pandemic, with a qualitative programme of keynotes, round tables, interactive networking spaces and of course the best and most innovative of what live music has to offer.

Jean-Michel Jarre is partnering with CODA Audio to present his new album, ‘OXYMORE’ in a fully immersive show at the Salon des Ambassadeurs in Cannes. OXYMOREwill utilise CODA Audio’s N-RAY system in a 16.1 configuration coupled with the company’s Space Hub immersive processor and will be the first major performance using CODA’s latest available technology.

“Placing sounds as objects around us in a 360-degree plane is a completely different way of composing that revolutionises the conception, production and distribution of the music of tomorrow,” remarked Jarre. “In real life, there is no stereo, our audio field is 360 degrees. Today, technology enables us to explore composition in spatial audio, which opens up a whole new experience for us musicians in the creative process.”

CODA Audio’s founder and MD, Svetly Alexandrov, is thrilled with the partnership. “Jean-Michel Jarre was someone I idolised when I was growing up,” he remarks. “I admired his innovative approach and willingness to experiment. He is a true pioneer in his field, and I think that is why we are such a good match. Innovation meets innovation.

“Our vision is to be able to take the immersive audio experience from the studio into a live setting and then into your home with consistent results,” continues Alexandrov. “Until now that simply wasn’t possible, but I’m proud to say that our technology has changed all that. The impossible has become possible. For artists like Jean-Michel who exist at the forefront of revolution, this is a hugely exciting development that will affirm once again his status as a champion of pioneering audio techniques.

“The concerts in Cannes are just the beginning. More is yet to come, and Jean-Michel will be with us at ISE in Barcelona at the end of the month to reveal the next developments. The journey is only just beginning!”