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Clay Paky fixtures a firm favourite with Ross LD

For the primary lighting style, Kempton favours a “basic standard rig based on wash lights” with a “very live look” and “high intensity”. “Then, depending on the artist, we augment to achieve a different dynamic each week,” he explained. “Budget is a big consideration, there are 40 shows a year – [it ‘s] not a light entertainment special.”

For a show in the latest series featuring a performance by Shakira, the lighting team added 20 Clay Paky Alpha Beam 700s to the set-up. As requested, the fixtures were used to create cage-resembling bars of light across the performance area.

“We were very impressed with the brightness, and the fact that they are lightweight, enabling us to hang a denser rig,” said Kempton. “The gobos also offer another dimension to the look. I look forward to using them again – they’re an exciting new addition to the lighting designer’s palette.”

Lighting equipment on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross is supplied by Richard Martin Lighting, which stocks a wide variety of Clay Paky Alpha Beam fixtures, including 24 Beams, 24 Washes, 24 Spot HPEs, as well as the entire Alpha Beam 300 range and Alpha 575 washes.

Speaking to II, Clay Paky sales and marketing director Pio Nahum reflected on the development of the Alpha Beam and its subsequent “huge market success. We discovered that the ‘niche’ [we originally identified] was actually a large market for a new moving light category and we decided to exploit it. Today we have the largest range of Beams available in the world, [with] different powers to fit different needs: 300W, 700W and 1500W.”

Nahum went on to highlight the popularity of the 300 and 700 fixtures for concert tours and TV studios, and the use of the 1500s for large productions and open-air events.

“We already have several thousand units all over the world and the positive trend continues,” he said.

Image credit: Richard Martin Lighting