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Clair Brothers designs Community Professional system for US amusement park

The latest addition to the park is The Boardwalk, built in the style of classic oceanside boardwalks and incorporating a host of water-based activities. Relaying music from the 1950s, ’60s and ’70s to visitors is a distributed audio system designed by Clair Brothers Systems and comprising several Community R.5-66TZ two-way, full-range loudspeakers. Power comes from QSC 70V amplifiers, with a Biamp Audiaflex system selected to handle loudspeaker processing and zoning requirements.

Clair Brothers vice-president Gene Pelland noted that Hershey had approached the company “to design a system that could function as a distributed music system and emergency evacuation system. We have it zoned to provide different sources to different localised areas at different volume levels, but of course it can also function as an all-zones announcement system, or with localised access, so a lifeguard can grab a wireless mic and page to the immediate area, for example.”

John T Wiggins, vice-president of Community Professional Loudspeakers, told II that the company was “delighted to provide extremely intelligible, high-output, weather-resistant loudspeakers for installation to Clair Brothers Systems. Clair has dominated the touring and concert sound industry throughout the world for over 40 years and has been, for some time now, applying its design and application expertise to the entertainment and communications requirements of world-class venues such as Hersheypark.

“Community’s rugged outdoor WET Series and R Series loudspeaker systems, utilising our exclusive moulded enclosure designs and stainless steel hardware, are a natural choice for environmentally demanding projects such as Hersheypark. The Community R Series products chosen are not only music friendly, but in addition, they are capable of high SPL output and excellent directivity control to project authoritative messaging if the need arises.”