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Chroma-Q Color Blocks upgraded

Rental company Visual Elements has upgraded 100 of its Chroma-Q fixtures to enable them to deliver two and a half times the light output.

UK rental company Visual Elements has upgraded 100 Chroma-Q Color Block DB4 LED Fixtures in its inventory to the new Color Block Plus Replacement Engine. The replacement engines were supplied by Chroma-Q’s exclusive UK dealer, A.C. Entertainment Technologies (AC-ET).

The new engine utilises latest generation LED and optics, resulting in over two and a half times the light output – 750 lumens – of the original Color Block DB4 (290 lumens) with the internal switch set to full power.

Visual Elements provides design and equipment rental services to corporate and live events. The comp-any has over 300 Color Block DB4s in its inventory, the first of which were purchased five years ago when the product was first launched.

The Color Block DB4 fixtures were amongst the brightest units available in their day as the then first generation of affordable, high quality LED fixtures.

Visual Elements’ Color Block DB4 fixtures are used extensively for a wide variety of applications including wall washing and for set and scenic illumination.

Apart from being smaller, brighter and lighter, using LED and less power hungry lighting fixtures can reduce costs substantially for projects like exhibitions, where in some cases a three phase power supply can be reduced to a couple of 13 amp sockets.

Photo : Copyright Steve Squires at Sutherland Smith