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Christie delivers for Korea’s largest media art exhibition

Close to 90 HS and GS Series laser projectors light up themed galleries at Delight Damyang, delivered by renowned media production firm Design Silver Fish

Christie laser projectors have illuminated the rich history, culture and ecology of Damyang, an ancient city located in the southwestern tip of the Korean Peninsula,  with a new media art exhibition.

Delight Damyang is the latest entry under the “Delight” series of experiential art exhibitions conceptualised by renowned media production firm Design Silver Fish, which specialises in space direction and media content design. This permanent showcase consisting of 11 themed galleries is inspired by folktales from Damyang, which have captured the hearts and minds of children for over a millennium. Among the highlights are mesmerising displays powered by close to 90 Christie 1DLP laser projectors comprising the D13WU2-HS, DWU1075-GS and DWU880-GS models supplied by Christie’s trusted partner, SNC Alliance.

Delight Damyang is the largest media art exhibition in Korea to date and we are proud to deploy an array of state-of-the-art technologies – including large-scale projections – to realistically showcase thousand-year-old mysteries and legends of Damyang,” said Gyong Tae Hong, CEO, Design Silver Fish. “Visitors will be enthralled by the highly immersive and lifelike visuals accomplished by almost 90 Christie laser projectors fitted in seven themed galleries that seek to reinterpret the rich ecological and cultural fabric of this symbolic location. These high-performance projectors are a perfect match with the contents we have specially created.”

Visitors can admire detailed images displayed on numerous large screens and surfaces by the Christie HS and GS Series laser projectors, which are fitted discreetly overhead in seven themed galleries, namely “Moon”, “Echo of Soul”, “Delight Damyang”, “Into the Mind”, “An Olden Tale”, “My Gallery” and “For the Future”.

In “Into the Mind”, Damyang’s famous Metasequoia Road is used as a motif to display gorgeous scenery of the four seasons using contemporary art techniques. The massive gallery is gloriously lit by 36 D13WU2-HS projectors to create an intriguing immersive environment. An elevated platform allows visitors to enjoy the gallery’s captivating visuals from a higher perspective.

Yongso Waterfall in Damyang’s Gamagol Valley has also been convincingly recreated in “Echo of Soul” using nine DWU1075-GS and eight DWU880-GS projectors, complete with burbling audio effects. Motion tracking sensors enable visitors to interact with the virtual waterfall by “splitting” the pouring water apart to generate fascinating water patterns on several surfaces.

Other crowd pleasers include “For the Future” and “Delight Damyang”, which utilise five DWU880-GS and 12 D13WU2-HS projectors respectively to present eye-catching imagery that evoke a sense of pride and belonging in this small but beautiful city known for its bamboo products and strawberries.

“The enduring history, culture and ecology of Damyang have been magnificently showcased in this media art exhibition meticulously put together by Design Silver Fish,” commented Paul Lee, sales manager for Korea, Enterprise, Christie. “We are thrilled that our HS and GS Series projectors have been used to deliver stunning visuals and generating excitement among visitors. This is the largest deployment of Christie 1DLP laser projectors for a permanent installation in Korea in recent years.”

Design Silver Fish has placed its trust in Christie laser projectors on several occasions, including the highly-acclaimed Delight SeoulCurious 12 Tales and Delight Seongnam multimedia exhibitions, as well as “The Mysterious Village” immersive digital exhibition held at the National Folk Museum of Korea late last year. “While we are very familiar with the dependable D20WU-HS, this is the first time that we have deployed the new DWU880-GS for our media art exhibition. Its performance and operability in high-use environments has certainly met our expectations. The included warping and blending tools have also enabled us to set up multi-projector arrays quickly and reliably,” Hong concluded.