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Christie extends Nitro family with YK50

The YK50 is a dual-arm projector yoke designed for live events, theatre productions and staging applications in small to mid-sized venues where space is at a premium.

The YK50 is the newest addition to Christie’s Nitro Solutions family of yokes and projectors. Smaller than the YK100 (single-arm yoke) and YK200 (dual-arm yoke) models, it is designed for use with the LX700 and LHD700 and can be used as a moving light or moving video projector.

In these applications it delivers 7,000 ANSI lumens output, making it suitable for houses of worship, museums, trade shows and nightclubs. Like other models in the range, the YK50 is ‘server agnostic’, allowing continued use of existing equipment. The server can also be changed without affecting luminaire. Precision control (via DMX512) is possible using a single lighting console and there’s a choice between XGA and HD video resolutions.

The YK50 employs high-resolution DC servo motors for movement accuracy, repeatability and low backlash.