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Chauvet adds to SlimPAR family

SlimPAR 38 and SlimPAR 64 join the LED PAR range, all of which have casings only 2.5in thick

The fixtures offer three or seven channels of DMX control, along with built-in automated and sound-activated programs or pulse effect with adjustable speed. They also feature static colours and RGB colour mixing with or without DMX and built-in power linking for quick set-up and break down.

The fixtures are differentiated chiefly by the number of LED lenses in each light and the number of units that can be power-linked together per circuit. SlimPAR 38 features 75 red, green and blue LEDs and up to 43 units can be connected, while SlimPAR 64 features 180 red, green and blue LEDs and up to 22 units can be connected.

Each PAR is so compact, five of them can take the same space as one traditional PAR. They all weigh less than 1.3kg and, when placed on their unfolded mounting brackets, stand only 7in high. Plus, all three draw less than or equal to a quarter of an ampere. This means 80 units can fit on the same circuit.

They can be used as uplighting, area washes or truss warmers and, as they remember the last setting applied, set-up time is minmised.