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Casino time: Hecla deploys custom Lighthouse screens

Hecla faced a number of challenges in specifying the solution, not least the fact that the advertising medium could only extend 24cm out from the building. There was no screen on the market sufficiently slim to meet these requirements, so the integrator tapped the services of LED display company Lighthouse to devise a custom-built version of the S10 10mm visual resolution signage panel with reduced thickness.

Jos den Hartog, new business manager at Hecla, explained the benefits of the Lighthouse solution to II: “The main feature of these S-10 panels [is their] highly flexible square design. The panels themselves have been reduced to less than 25cm in thickness and all electrical components have been moved outside in separate all-weather IP65 boxes. This unique design ensures not only a total weight of less than 20kg/sqm but also a design completely without fans. This ensures an outstanding reliability and an unseen ease of maintenance. Due to the flexibility and super light design big bulky steel frames are now a thing of the past. Furthermore, the handy size of the panels not only opens up possibilities of accurate matches to specified measures, but also provides a flexible building block for creative and odd-shaped screen designs.”

The installation comprises two three by four panel (3.84m (W) x 3.84m (H)) screens mounted close to the wall and sporting custom-made support structures which allow them to be pulled away from the wall and accessed easily for servicing.

“It is important for us to work closely with our customers, finding out what they need and working out a solution to a particular challenge,” says Lighthouse director Roberto Segato. “We have collaborated with Hecla on a number of occasions to come up with a custom-built product that will satisfy their customers’ needs. The JVH S10 screen is the latest example of the dynamic partnership between Lighthouse and Hecla.”