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Casino takes no chances: Lighthouse screens installed in Macau

Grand Lisboa’s striking architecture features a domed entrance surmounted by a giant gold feathered tower and a large Lighthouse screen to invite visitors in.

The venue features nine floors of leisure facilities, of which five are given over to gaming. Some 240 tables are provided where guests can indulge in a variety of games including Fan Tan – unique to China – and the favourite pastime of Macau’s gamblers, Baccarat..

With facilities for so many gamers, the venue needed a state-of-the-art system to broadcast information throughout it and so Lighthouse LED screens were chosen as the ideal complement to the fusion of modern and traditional interior design.

Chosen by the project’s construction management company SJM Investimentos Lda, four P10FA 10mm screens are located indoors, each measuring 7.04 metres by 3.84 metres. The outdoor screen is a 9.14 metre by 5.33 metre 16mm screen installed at the entrance. Control is from a Lighthouse LIP-KX interface processor and X-Drive Pro controller.

All five screens are used as one of the casino’s primary information distribution tools. Gaming and food information, jackpot details, hotel special offers and the occasional live performances are broadcast throughout the venue via the screens.

The wide viewing angles, fine pixel pitch, crisp imaging and rich contrast of the Lighthouse screens ensure that the content is easily able to catch the eyes of gamblers intent on their games.

“Grand Lisboa is a state-of-the-art development and, as such, the choice of Lighthouse screens is the perfect aesthetic complement,” says Lighthouse Technologies managing director Mark Chan. “The external screen works with the extraordinary architecture to invite guests to come in and, once inside, the four internal screens convey information in a seamless and attractive way, ensuring that guests are kept informed at all times.”