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Case study – AWE and Technophobe bring intelligent lighting solution to Kent home

LED lighting and lighting control from Philips Dynalite have more than met the client’s brief at a contemporary home in Kent. TFA pays a visit.

LED lighting and lighting control from Philips Dynalite have more than met the client’s brief at a contemporary home in Kent. TFA pays a visit. In a homeowner’s bid to add value, create mood-reflective style and produce a genuine wow factor within a bright and contemporary Kent-based home; finding the solution proved surprisingly simple. Through an installation managed by AV custom installers Technophobe, AWE Europe’s exclusive distribution deal with intelligent lighting control experts Philips Dynalite provided the creative solutions required to satisfy the client’s every need. Philips Dynalite products are made up of high-quality lighting control systems, creating stunning effects at the touch of a button, while also reducing energy wastage and lowering electricity bills. As Philips Dynalite utilises its extensive lighting knowledge to ensure full compatibility with highly efficient LED lighting technologies, the client’s “LED where possible” brief did not prove a problem for Technophobe.@page_break@“LED fittings require different circuit cabling and, because they are controlled via diverse methods, particular care should be taken over the dimming,” says Technophobe’s owner Jamie Marshall. “Fortunately, due to the variety of Philips Dynalite products, there were plenty of compatible dimmers and controllers for all of the chosen lamp fittings.” In total, the Philips Dynalite system has been fitted to control 14 areas of the client’s superbly stylish and modern home; porch, hallway, kitchen, dining area, TV area, bar, gym, decking, garden lights, landing, master bedroom, en-suite bathroom, dressing room and utility room. With the use of motion sensors, light can be activated in the hallway, porch and utility room. In the main living area of the house (a large open-plan space consisting of the kitchen, dining area, bar and TV areas), 23 LED walkover lights were installed into the floor to create stylish lighting effects along the walls, bi-folding doors and fireplace. Additionally, two 14 metre, high-power LED strips were also fitted onto the homeowner’s custom-made slim pelmets to create an impressive wall-wash effect up the pitch of the roof. Dimmable LED downlights take centre-stage in the TV area, kitchen and over the dining table, where, thanks to the Philips Dynalite system, different lighting scenes and moods can be created with just a push of a button.@page_break@The bar itself has also been fitted with RGB colour changing LED strips, which are situated under both the seating part and within the two shelves behind it. The nearby wall-mounted Philips Dynalite Revolution keypad provides the homeowner with the ultimate lighting experience; enabling choice and style, the user can cycle through a selection of 12 of their favourite colours depending on their mood. “The Philips Dynalite system has enabled us to provide a lighting design that provides our clients the option to set their house to a scene that matches their mood or function. The lighting design has enhanced what is already a stunning home as well as providing it with multiple personalities for any given night,” adds Jamie Marshall. “Using a Philips Dynalite system has allowed us to program some advanced settings for our clients. A ‘holiday’ mode has been set-up so that when the homeowner is away, the house lights are set into an automatic switch on/off mode, creating greater protection and security. We have also programmed a very low light setting for when our client has to get up early for work, which gradually increases the light level.” To ensure the energy efficiency of the home, an ‘all off’ button was installed by the front door to switch off the house lights in a sequence from the furthest room to the front door, room by room when the property is vacated. In addition, a ‘good night’ button was put in place in the master bedroom to turn off the lights and timed scenes were set up on the Philips Dynalite time clock which automatically tracks the dawn and dusk times throughout the year.@page_break@Supplied by AWE for installation through the its Dimension dealer network, the Philips Dynalite range includes options for low energy LED DMX 1-10V and Dali lighting systems. LED is a fast growing solution for residential properties which, when combined with a Philips Dynalite system, can help deliver impressive energy savings in the home. The use of light harvesting with Philips Dynalite control is well proven in domestic as well as commercial buildings and can also be scaled to help increase a home’s energy efficiency by cutting lighting and HVAC energy consumption. A Philips Dynalite lighting control system can also create the perfect ambience for each and every room in a property and incorporates full compatibility with energy efficient LED lighting. Pre-programmed scenes can enhance an imaginative lighting design, providing focus, warmth and mood to suit different times of day, uses and ambience requirements. Easy to use customisable keypads can be controlled instinctively, even by homeowners who are unfamiliar with the technology. Equipment listPhilips Dynalite lighting control system to include:•5 PIR motion sensors•6 multipurpose control units•28 trailing edge dimmer modules•1 1-10V module•1 leading edge dimmer module•2 six-output LED dimmer units•7 relay switch modules•1 astronomical time clock•1 network gateway•13 eight-button wall controls – polished chrome finish•2 on/off wall controls – polished chrome finish