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Case study – AMX is the smart choice for award-winning eco home

1Zero4 is an architecturally-designed contemporary family home in the spa town of Harrogate. The property offers the ultimate in technology-rich modern living and a wealth of renewable energy systems, all controlled by AMX.

1Zero4 is an architecturally-designed contemporary family home in the spa town of Harrogate. The property offers the ultimate in technology-rich modern living and a wealth of renewable energy systems, all controlled by AMX.
 Designed and built by LaROCK Construction, 1Zero4 is a multi-million pound, architecturally-designed contemporary family home in the spa town of Harrogate. With a state of the art specification, including lighting systems, multi-room audio and provision for its own dedicated home cinema, this impressive property offers the ultimate in technology-rich modern living.

But, the home’s high-tech features have been offset by a wealth of equally high-performance renewable and sustainable technologies. With its air source heat pump and solar and rainwater harvesting systems, this is one high-tech property that boasts an enviable level of both ecological and technological intelligence. And, for the brains behind this impressive system, look no further than AMX.

Masterminded by systems integrator Konnectiv, the automation solution at the heart of 1Zero4 was designed to help this RICS award-winning property fulfil its green ambitions. The all-encompassing solution allows for the complete integration of whole-home and eco technologies as part of one unified system, managed via centralised AMX control.Operating as a single management interface for the home, the AMX system will allow the future occupants of 1Zero4 to make the most of both the property’s installed systems and its energy-saving and environmental potential.

Fingertip control over automation functions is delivered via iPads using the AMX Apple Application which transforms the tablet device into a fully functional wireless touchpanel. The app connects as a native AMX device to the AMX NetLinx Master to provide real-time and cost-effective touch control of the property’s systems including AV, lighting and room temperature. 1Zero4’s alternative energy sources can also be seamlessly integrated into the system, giving the future homeowner the ability to manage their performance around the home and control their use, automatically, if required.@page_break@

Using the property’s future-ready and responsible building infrastructure, the AMX system allows each connected component to communicate with others, making 1Zero4 a highly efficient and accountable scheme. The AMX system has been designed to collate data from all connected devices and relay dynamic feedback. At the touch of a button, the house will be able to give occupants information on a range of topics, including how much rainwater has been harvested, how much solar energy has been generated and how this compares to what the house is demanding. T

This innovative system will play a significant role in helping 1Zero4 fulfil its ambition of becoming a home that creates and allocates accordingly, with no waste, and will give the future homeowner the ability to manage this energy consumption and generation, intelligently and simply.

Fingertip control over lighting and heating systems is provided through seamless integration with Helvar and Honeywell; allowing the homeowner to view, at a glance, the state of lights and temperature around the property and easily turn off those areas not in use and read their overall energy consumption. Six-button Metreau keypads installed throughout offer full system control via a simple but effective interface. Pushbuttons can be programmed for device control, as per the purchaser’s requirements, and the navigation wheel can control both the volume of the audio system and the dimming of lights.
At the heart of the audiovisual and entertainment provision is a basement home cinema concept. The AMX NI-4100 central controller communicates with the impressive array of equipment in the room, which includes a Hantarex LED, Current Audio in-ceiling speakers, Polk subwoofer and Yamaha amplifier and Denon receiver; so a single touch can start all the action. The future homeowner will be able to select a movie from the Kaleidescape system, control the lights, and press play; all from the convenience of their iPad. The tablets also afford the same level of control over the audiovisual systems located elsewhere in the property, including the NuVo multi-room audio system.@page_break@

Security at 1Zero4 is taken to impressive levels of functionality thanks to AMX which integrates door entry, CCTV cameras, intruder alarm and lighting systems. So, whether the future homeowner wants to see the kids in the garden on the basement cinema screen, check a visitor is who they say they are via the iPad, grant access via the MET-ECOM intercom or remotely view CCTV camera footage when not at home; all this is possible, thanks to AMX technology.
The powerful NI-4100 central controller allows 1Zero4’s large number of devices and operating platforms to become integrated as part of the central control system. The AMX system works on an inexpensive and well understood wiring backbone, meaning that the various systems can communicate effectively throughout the building, allowing its occupants to benefit from integrated security, energy management and a flexible, future-ready entertainment and communications system that can be fully customised as their needs are established and evolve.
With its high-tech specification and ecological integrity, 1Zero4 has taken a truly intelligent approach to environmental responsibility; ensuring that its prospective homeowners won’t have to compromise their technological aspirations for their environmental ones.