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Brompton and Pixreal build “largest VP LED stage in Thailand”

Featuring tech from Pixreal, Brompton Technology, ARRI, Disguise, Unreal Engine and Stype, Kantana Post Production's studio in Bangkok, will produce ads, films and Netflix series

Pixreal LED panels and Brompton Technology processing have been installed in a new studio space created by Kantana Post Production, a production company in Bangkok, Thailand, that is part of the Kantana Group. The studio features an ICVFX VP LED Volume – the largest VP LED stage in Thailand, and has delivered “the brightest studio skyline of Bangkok City”.

The facility offers a turnkey solution that provides an immersive cinematic experience for the studio’s users. Featuring an array of technology solutions from Pixreal, Brompton Technology, ARRI, Disguise, Unreal Engine and Stype, it will be used for producing TV ads, TV dramas, films and Netflix Thailand original series.

The LED Volume is made up of Pixreal’s Black Gold Standard Avatar series and Enzo panels, powered by Brompton’s 4K Tessera SX40 LED processors and Tessera XD 10G data distribution units. The main LED wall, built as a giant U-shape with a four-degree concave format and a diametre of over 15 metres, consists of over 560 Avatar2.3 panels LED tiles.

Additionally, 188 Pixreal Enzo3.9 panels form the volume’s ceiling, delivering the brightest studio skyline of Bangkok City.

The studio complex deploys five 4K Tessera SX40 LED processors and 10 Tessera XD 10G data distribution units, with Tessera features like ShutterSync, HFR+ (High Frame Rate), and Ultra Low Latency.

Dexter Studios, a VFX company with a virtual production studio in South Korea, provided system design and consulting for Kantana Group.

Jareuk Kaljareuk, chairman of Kantana Group, said: “Since opening our new ICVFX VP LED Volume, we’ve been overwhelmed by the positive feedback from the industry, with companies like Netflix coming on board to create their content. In fact, we will be shooting an original movie produced by Netflix Thailand this August, which is very exciting.”

All Pixreal LED panels have been calibrated with Brompton’s Hydra advanced measurement system to enable Dynamic Calibration, the unique technology from Brompton that enables HDR.

Frank Ou, head of business development at Pixreal, added: “Partnering with Kantana Post Production on this project was truly an amazing journey for Pixreal. We took a big leap, which enhanced our collaboration and our presence in Southeast Asia. We are more than pleased to work with Kantana, they are a very important player in Thailand and a big influencer.”

Ms Ying Pimlapat Chaiviriyachok, CEO of Kantana Holdings, commented: “The Pixreal team is highly professional and brought us thoughtful and efficient plans, making this project an incredible collaboration. Their LED panels, loaded with many great features from Brompton Technology’s LED processing system, significantly empower our creations.”

He added: “Tessera features like PureTone and Dark Magic are a particularly effective VP tool for us. Our onsite team have found Brompton’s Hydra advanced measurement user-friendly, enabling Dynamic Calibration that offers great colour science, higher visual accuracy and unparalleled brightness.”

Alex Guo, programme manager at Brompton Technology, concluded: “We are thrilled to partner with Kantana Post Production (Thailand) and Pixreal on this amazing project. The introduction of the ICVFX VP LED Volume opens new possibilities for creative companies, not only in Thailand but throughout Southeast Asia. We look forward to seeing productions leverage the full suite of cutting-edge technologies and expertise the studio offers, making it an incredibly attractive option for their clients.”