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BrightSign players chosen for premium Samsung concessions

AV specialists Freehand opt for BrightSign in Samsung concessions at Curry’s stores across the UK.

AV specialists Freehand opt for BrightSign in Samsung concessions at Curry’s stores across the UK. BrightSign solid state players supplied by UK distributor Pixels are powering video walls in Samsung concessions in prime Curry’s electrical retail outlets in the UK. The installation was commissioned by Cheil Worldwide on behalf of Samsung Electronics. Implementation and management is by audio-visual (AV) experts Freehand. According to Mike Fabian of Freehand: “Samsung concessions are ‘shops within shops’ that provide customers with more opportunities to experience Samsung products and engage with the brand. Key to this was an upscale environment that would truly amaze people, excite an affluent audience and position Samsung goods as premium products that are differentiated from the store’s regular line up. BrightSign units provided the reliable, high quality playback that we required for this high-profile application.” Each of the UK concessions features a 2×2 video wall of 46-inch Samsung professional LCD screens promoting tablets, TVs, phones, white goods and other Samsung products displayed in the concession. The screens are driven by BrightSign HD220 networked players, ideal for playing looped digital content in a variety of multimedia formats. Freehand uses BrightAuthor software to schedule and manage content and the BrightSign Network to deliver updates and receive playback reports. Commenting on their decision to use BrightSign players, Mike Fabian of Freehand said: “Samsung is a premium brand and equipped the concessions with their very best large format screens. BrightSign players are the obvious choice to power them, delivering crisp Full HD playback for years on end without fail. BrightSign’s BrightAuthor content creation software is straightforward and easy to use. For example, synchronising content across the four screens in each wall gave no issue.” Content for the screens is created by Samsung creative and media agencies worldwide in a variety of moving and static image file formats. It is collected and consolidated by Cheil Worldwide and delivered to Freehand who schedules the playlist. The concessions are 10m x 10m units leased from Curry’s in prime locations throughout the UK.