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Bridging the future with Meyer

ISE saw Meyer Sound putting considerable emphasis on the much-discussed AVB (Audio/Video Bridging) standard.

ISE saw Meyer Sound putting considerable emphasis on the much-discussed AVB (Audio/Video Bridging) standard. In addition to showcasing two related products, the company’s executive director – digital products, John McMahon, contributed to a panel session exploring the technology’s future.

The Meyer stand featured two new product developments with AVB implementation. The D-Mitri – set for full availability in June – is a Gigabit network-based digital audio processing and distribution platform, whilst CAL (pictured) is a new series of self-powered steerable column array loudspeakers said to offer “unprecedented control and low-profile aesthetics”.

Off the stand – and alongside Avid’s Rob Silfvast, Broadcom’s Michael Johas Teener, LabX’s Lee Minich, Harman’s Rex Reed and Xilinx’s Robert Green – McMahon participated in a discussion presented by AVB-promoting forum the AVnu Alliance about the standard’s role in professional systems integration, consumer electronics and automotive applications.

Invited to consider the likely overall industry position of AVB 18 months from now, McMahon told II that he expected to see AVB-compliant products from “more than a handful of manufacturers”, as well as a full compliance and certification programme.

McMahon also reported that Meyer’s Constellation electro-acoustic architecture is continuing to grow in popularity, with a total of 28 installations worldwide to date. In one of the most recent projects – at the Nokia Concert Hall of the Solaris Cultural and Leisure Center in Tallinn, Estonia – in excess of 200 Stella-4C and -8C loudspeakers are part of a Constellation system that also includes UPM-1Ps, UP-4XPs, UMS-1P subs, 72 Constellation microphones, one Lemur touch-screen controller and 12 processors (MS-Constellation, MS-VRAS and MS-Expansion).

“I think it is fair to say that Constellation is so flexible that it benefits almost every event we’ve had here since we opened,” commented Aivar Sirelpuu, general manager for the Nokia Concert Hall.