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Br_hler conference system for revamped parliamentary building

As part of the renovation, a CDSVAN digital audio conference system from Br_hler has been installed. The system includes microphone functions and features for voting and listening into interpreter channels. If required, the chairperson can control the entire system via a touchscreen which can be used as a control unit as well as a display and information medium at the chairperson’s desk. Two large screens convey a wealth of information, including speakers’ names, the parliamentary agenda and voting results.

Quality Egyptian Engineering Projects Co was given the responsibility for designing and carrying out the installation, which also included the fitting of Br_hler CDS200 II discussion systems and INFRACOM interpretation systems in auxiliary rooms.

Br_hler’s Axel Heppener told II: “Quality is a long-term Br_hler partner with experience of more than 25 years in the AV business. It is experienced in systems integration, procurement, installation and maintenance, and has well-trained professional engineers and a full team of specialists.”