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Bose system for Welsh church

Specifically, the new system – devised using Bose’s Modeler software package – comprises two stacked pairs of Bose Panaray MA12 line arrays for the nave, plus one pair of MA12s to cover the balcony seating. Bose FreeSpace 3 loudspeakers provide in-fill where required, while Bose 32SEs handle the foyer. Amplification comes from Cloud CXA4 and CXA450 devices.

The church’s core audio system also includes four radio microphones, four fixed microphones, a DSP matrix mixer and an induction loop.

“The built-in flexibility of the system allows the use of microphones virtually anywhere in the church, with consistent clarity regardless of seating position,” said Mark Philpott of St David’s Church. “This has allowed for a more creative use of the space, adding a totally new and vibrant dimension to our church services.”