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Bose provides top audio gear

Bose sound equipment has been specified throughout the exhibition by Bose Pro Partner DJW (D J Willrich Ltd). David Willrich managed the project in conjunction with Beaulieu’s Stephen Munn.

The audio system includes full-range Bose Panaray LT 9403 loudspeakers at high level, with additional bass from Panaray 502Bs and localised sound from FreeSpace DS100s close to three low-level screens. Audio management is carried out by a Bose ControlSpace ESP-88 Digital Sound Processor linked to a Crestron control platform.

Bose special projects manager John Sabell told II that Bose Panaray LT 9403 loudspeakers were selected for several reasons: “The main focus for the sound system covers quite a small footprint; hence a controlled, narrow dispersion loudspeaker was required. The 9403 has a 93_H x 49_V coverage pattern, thus it is the perfect solution in minimising pollution to the outside, plus it ensures excellent coverage with minimal interference at listener location. In addition, being a full-range enclosure, only minimal sub-bass reinforcement was required, reducing the risk of localising on bass. The overall effect is a total sound solution with high SPL that has the ability to excite the audience, but is positioned discreetly out of the main sight line.”